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This ultimate collection includes more than 240 distorted 808 bass samples, 5 kicks, 12 MIDI files, the original Ableton Live preset of NGHTMRE’s 808 bass from his track “Street” and 5 processing racks. The sounds of this sound pack are inspired by artists like NGHTMRE, Slander and Herobust, who are known to produce hard and hybrid trap.

Download contains:

  • 241 Bass Samples
  • 5 Kick Samples
  • 1 Serum Preset
  • 12 MIDI Files
  • 1 Live Preset
  • 5 Live Racks
  • 205,8 MB

The term “808” originates from the roland tr-808 drum maschine, which was used in many old school hip hop productions and was especially popular for it’s long decaying kicks. Most 808 sounds aren’t made with the tr-808 nowdays, but the name is still used. While the arrangement of genres like dubstep or house typically have a sub bass, with few or no overtones genre’s, such as trap, hip hop or future bass often use an 808 bass, which is slightly or hard distorted, which leads to more character and upper harmonics.

The samples in this library are processed using various techniques, such as saturation, clipping, distortion and compressing. If you don’t own Serum or Ableton this pack still give’s you a lot of value, since most files of this bundle are in wav format, which enables you to use them with any DAW. Moreover you can use the included MIDI’s to take a look at what typical bass lines by successful producers look like.

The whole download is 100% royalty-free and can be used in your own releases. I highly recommend to click on the button below to start the download. You won’t regret it!

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