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You may already now that FreeSounds4U is a project me, BVKER. I’m a sound designer and music producer, who is giving all of his stuff away completely for free. The Discography contains every single sample pack, Serum preset and Ableton Template I have ever created. With a total of 2GB+ the free bundle is suitable for all kinds of EDM genres such as dubstep, hybrid trap, future house or drum & bass.

Download Contains:

  • 6 Sample Packs (Dubstep, Trap, House, EDM, FX & Bongo)
  • 3 Construction Kits (Drum & Bass and Future House)
  • 3 Serum Presets Banks (Future House, Trap & Brostep, Basics)
  • 7 Ableton Live Templates (House, Dubstep, Hybrid Trap, Trap, Future House)

Sample Packs

The download contains various sample packs: The biggest one is for dubstep. It provides everything you need to make a dubstep tune: kicks, snares, claps, chants, toms, top loops, arps and low basses. You’ll also get a trap pack called “Sinister Trap Drums”, which includes 808s, claps, snares, cymbals, drum loops, FX, kicks, riser, synth loops & one-shots taken from my own trap productions. The “Ultimate 808 Library” has 240+ hardly distorted 808 bass samples, kick & top kicks, 808 MIDI files, my go-to Serum preset and NGHTMREs 808 bass preset from his track “Street” for Ableton Live. There are also some Bongo samples, recorded with a Sennheiser MD 441-U dynamic studio microphone and a collection of EDM sounds, such as claps & snares, cymbals, FX, impacts, kicks, drum & synth loops, oneshots and percussions. Furthermore you’ll be able to spice up your productions with 122 foley sounds, 26 atmos and 18 reverse effects. The last folder features some punchy house kicks and claps, as well as decent collection of bass house oneshots & loops.

Construction Kits

Construction kits are just like sample packs in wav format, but they’re more than just one-shots and loops. They’re basically every stem and sample of a complete song rendered to audio. This way you’ll get some samples, that are proven to work well together in a mix. In the Discography I’ve included a 176BPM Drum & Bass kit with drums, fills, synths, low basses, vocals and top loops. Moreover you’ll get your hands on 2 future house constructions. The first one is my track “Is It Real” and the second is another unreleased production of mine. Using these samples will allow you to create great sounding house drums in minutes.

Serum Presets

You may already know that Serum by Xfer Records and Steve Duda is by far my favorite soft synth. That’s why it was obvious for me to give you some of my go-to sounds, which are my perfect sub bass and a Deadmau5 style pluck. There are also 49 high quality Serum presets for future house. I actually planned to sell this pack first, but then decided to give it away for free, too. 31 presets and 14 wavetables for trap and brostep made by Luxx Sonnic are completing this collection of presets.

Ableton Project Files

Since Ableton Live is my DAW of choice the Discography also contains 7 of my own project files: The Ableton Live project file of my tune X is a hybrid trap original. Some samples were missing so I had to replace them. There’s also a house template, which is great to start new tunes and 3 other future house project files. The last two templates are for Dubstep “Mind Of A Killer” and Trap “Time”.

Free Download