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Foley sound effects are everyday sounds that can be added to various media types, such as film, video or music in post-production. These sounds can be layered with anything in your productions like drums, snares, claps or snaps to enhance the audio quality. This is especially common in genres like future bass or trap. With this sample pack you’re getting access to 122 high-quality samples, recorded with the dynamic Sennheiser MD 441-U studio microphone, which is widely considered one of the best of it’s kind.

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  • 122 Foley Samples

The term “Foley” is derived from a sound-effects artist for filmmaking named Jack Foley. He has developed many ground-breaking techniques and was part of the Universal Studios crew that turned the “silent” Show Boat into a musical. While projecting the film on a screen the sound artists had to record a single audio track capturing sounds, that can be anything from closing doors to footsteps. The difficulty was the perfect timing, because there were no editing softwares available back then. Some of the techniques, which had been developed during this time are still being used today.

Where as foley sounds were mainly used in film making they’re also being used more and more in music productions these days. One possible application can be to include foley sound effects in the background of a break to add ambient and atmospheric textures. This will make a track sound less empty and more natural. Another way is to layer them with drums for adding more texture and character or even replacing drums with foley sounds in the arrangement or using them for fills or pre-drop phrases.

Since many producers aren’t able to record their own sounds, because they don’t have access to professional studio equipment we’ve recorded these 122 top-notch sounds for you. Wanna spice up your next tracks with some uniqueness? Click on the button below!

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