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Future Bounce is a brand-new genre, established by some of the most successful music producers of our time, such as Martin Garrix, Mesto, Mike Williams and Justin Mylo. With catchy synth melodies and bouncy bass lines it has gained more and more popularity throughout the past years. This preset pack by Liquid Bass for Sylenth1 finally provides you with the high quality future bounce sounds all pros are using. Get your hands on these game-changing patches and start to produce your next hit right now!


  • 36 Future Bounce Presets
  • 1 Bank
  • 10 Basses
  • 8 Chords
  • 15 Leads
  • 3 Plucks


  • Requires Sylenth1
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • .fxp & .fxb files
  • For PC & Mac
  • 1,4 MB

What Is Future Bounce?

Future bounce can be generally described as a variation of future house, which has similar to melbourne bounce a “bouncy” vibe. Some of the most successful tracks within the genre are “Bouncybob” by Martin Garrix, Justin Mylo and Mesto or “Jumping Jack“. Both songs have more than million views on YouTube and similar amounts of plays on other streaming platforms. The difference is that while future house has only one specific bass melody, future bounce usually has two synth patches with slightly different notes and timing.


Sylenth1 is a software synth by Lennar Digital, which is widely spread among house and EDM producers. It’s particularly liked for it’s simplicity and a top-notch sound quality. Whereas synths like Massive or Serum provide nearly unlimited options trough a variety of wavetable technologies, Sylenth only allows to use basic waves, such as saws, sine, squares or white noise. These limitations in combination with the ground-breaking tonal characteristic are what makes Sylenth such a powerful tool, especially for genres using simple sounds like future bounce, house or other types of EDM.

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